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Finding the Clover® that Works for You.

Quick Serve Restaurants

  • Cut down lines

  • Increase add-on orders

  • Enable Apple Pay for ordering and payment

  • Save labor

  • Take payments at the table

Making Quick Serve Even Quicker

By making it easier for customers to order and pay, lines are down and food and beverage sales are up.

A beer garden uses two Clover Stations at their counter to take a customer's initial order quickly plus a Clover Mini in order to take EMV and Apple Pay. Servers carry around Clover Flex devices for add-on food and beverage sales so patrons don't have to leave the table.
When it comes time to close out the check, customers can use Clover Flex at the table, swipe their own cards (or use Apple Pay) and split the check as they see fit.

Full Service Restaurant

  • Submit orders straight from the table to the kitchen

  • Managers can view activity from anywhere

  • Increase add-on orders

  • Speed up takeout pickups


Orders get in quicker, beverage sales are up, tables turn faster, and customers are happier.

A restaurant has two Clover Stations in the back where most of the orders get entered. But in their second floor dining section, the server carries a Clover Flex so that he can get his orders in quickly and accurately and take payments without running up and down the stairs.
And the manager up front has her own Clover Flex so she can see what's going on across the restaurant and take add-on beverage orders for customers as she walks through the dining room.

Male Sales Assistant At Checkout Of Clothing Store


  • Linebusting

  • Inventory taking

  • Increase customer interaction

  • Off-premise sales


A peak-period portable linebuster that also saves time with the day-to-day? Yes, please.

A pet store has a Clover Station at the front counter. But during the local summer street fair they want something they can bring out to the sidewalk. And for the holiday peak period, they use a Clover Flex as additional checkout capacity to cut down on lines and enable their customers to purchase the merchandise right where it's displayed.
The rest of the time, their Clover Flex helps them scan inventory, and the data is instantly synced with their Clover system.

Additional Features

  • Virtual Terminal
  • Cloud Based System
  • Gift Cards
  • Integrate with QuickBooks
  • Various additional Apps to fit your business needs
  • Online Ordering
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Contactless
  • Kitchen Printer
  • Barcode Scanner

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