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If you’re a business owner with high ticket values or processing is good for your business. However, some companies that experience regular sales surges, high average ticket amounts, or monthly sales greater than $100,000 can create problems for business. Those problems could range from fund holds, account freezes, irregular payment schedules, and data security liabilities if you’re using a merchant account provider that is unfavorable.

Since payment processors typically collect a percentage of each transaction, it doesn’t take long for costs to add up under an unfavorable contract. It is at times common for businesses to activate and implement a new payment processing solution only to find that they’ve been given outrageous monthly costs, poor service, and a long-term deal that’s expensive to cancel.

High volume businesses with high growth can be inadvertently punished by lengthy application processes and credit history that restrict or cause merchant service providers to refuse you electronic payment processing. At Insignia Payment Solutions we offer quick application processing to have your payment processing account up in a short period. Insignia Payment Solutions is also the only ISO in the First Data Retail with the capability to process high volume ticket transactions (up to $999,999.99).

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