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Security Bug Dubbed Backoff Exposed

The latest security breach occurred at the nonprofit retail store operator Goodwill Industries International Inc. The culprit: a new version of malware called Backoff. The breach began on July 21st, 2014, is part of a frequent occurrence of comprises at national retailers. While consumers and mainstream media are adopting the mentality of, “oh, another breach”, security experts and the business community remain serious about securing networks and mitigating attacks.

With security breaches becoming common place some consumers are feeling less sure about who they are shopping with and how their personal credit card information is handled. To combat this Insignia uses the Transarmor System, to encrypt and tokenize data being processed through eCarts and on Payment Processing systems.

Not until other payment processing companies improve their security and data processing practices such as Insignia Payment Solutions has with the Transarmor System breaches like those with Goodwill and Target will continue to occur.