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Cyber Threats are everywhere – Help protect your client’s business and brand

81% of breach victims didn’t know they were compromised until someone else told them.1 Cyber attackers are targeting businesses because the sensitive data that they process is highly valuable. It’s happening to every kind of business: large and small, online, storefront and even home-based. The threat is real, and cyber criminals are more resourceful than ever.

Our new, enhanced TransArmor® Solution can provide your clients with some of the very best data protection available – plus a $100,000 liability waiver for card association expenses in the event of a breach2.

·         Get peace-of-mindWhat your clients may not know is the biggest threat to their business. Having experts in their corner is the best way to know they have additional protection.

·         Doing nothing isn’t an option. Help your clients to be proactive and get ahead of the threats. Fortunately, First Data can help reduce the risks to their businesses.

TransArmor® Solution helps protect payment card data from the moment a card is swiped throughout the entire transaction process, incorporating several security and compliance products into one multi-layered, comprehensive solution. Now, your clients can operate their business with confidence, knowing their customers’ information has safeguards.


• Encryption and tokenization of card data

• Detection and defense of malicious software

• Tool that helps monitor terminals for possible tampering

• Liability waiver for card association fines of up to $100,000, up to five locations2

• EMV® enablement

• Easy PCI compliance

• Expert support